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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions!

Curious about the membership process? Check out how it works here -> Joining TIRPC


I have submitted an application, now what?


First off, we're glad you did!

We bring on new members monthly, however we do still have a waiting list. The time varies but it is, on average, around 6 months.

When your name gets to the top of the list someone from our membership team will reach our for a quick chat (to make sure that the potential new member and the club are a good fit for each other) and setup your course date and time.

Please be patient. We haven't forgotten you! Safety is our top priority, and there is a significant amount of training required for all new members. This takes time and we can only have so many members work their way through the probationary period at once.  


Does TIRPC have an indoor range?


Not quite! TIRPC's rifle and pistol range is an "Open Sky" design meaning that the range has four walls, and a ceiling just over the shooters head that reaches out approx. 6 Metres but then becomes open sky. From the main shooting line you cannot see the sky (because of the overhead baffles) but if you were to step out forward of the line and look up you'd see the sky!

What does this mean? It means that while you are exposed to the elements in some ways (hot and cold) you are protected from rain and snow, and the design of the range keeps it cool in the summer months! Plus you don't need to worry about ventilation systems as we have plenty of natural air flow - so less lead and particle build up in the air. We now have 10 lanes with overhead heating - the best of both worlds!


What calibres can I shoot at TIRPC?


Our range accommodates most pistol-calibre (non-magnum) handguns and rifles on the East Side (20 lanes total) and Rimfire Rifles and Pistols on the West Side (20 lanes total)

East Range Approved Calibres:

.22 Short

.22 Long

.22 Long Rifle

.22 WMR

22 Hornet

.17 HMR

.17 WSM

.7.62 x 25 Tokarev

.30 Carbine

.380 AUTO

.32 ACP

9 MM

.40 S&W



.38 AUTO

.357 SIG


.44-40 WIN

.45 AUTO

.45 GAP


.223 REM ONLY (NOT 5.56 NATO)

West Range Approved Calibres:

.22 Short

.22 Long

.22 LR

That gives you a choice of 40 lanes to set up and shoot! So you can forget waiting for a lane like at other places!


Does TIRPC have shotgun disciplines?


Yes! All members of TIRPC are also automatically members of Toronto International Trap & Skeet Club. This means you have access to the 8 various clay fields on the property during normal TITSC hours. Including 6 American Trap fields and 2 American Skeet Fields. Members also have the option to join OOTA for an additional $125 / year should they wish to shoot Olympic / Bunker Trap and Olympic Skeet.

We do not presently have a range that is approved for the use of shotguns on fixed-targets.


What are the Annual Fee's and Startup Costs if I want to join?


Check out our Application & Pricing Page for all the details!


What are the hours of operation?


Please note that we do not have "staff" on site during set hours and cannot accommodate "walk-in" questions or viewings.

As for shooting hours, Full Members have access to the club 7 days a week as follows:

Monday - Saturday 10am-8pm or sunset (whichever is earlier)

Sunday and Statutory Holidays 10am - 6pm or sunset (whichever is earlier)

We do have the pleasure of hosting some of Canada's most accomplished high performance rifle and pistol shooters for various, provincial, national and international events. When these events are on we have either partial or full range closures to the general membership. We strive to keep these during the less busy times and will always have any full or partial closures listed on the calendar both online, on the forum, and posted in the clubhouse well in advance of any interruption. These events on average total approx 30 days per year and are spread out in increments of 2-10 days per event.


Can I bring a guest?


Yes! After you have completed your orientation course and associated probationary shoots and are approved as a full member with RSO training, you will be able to bring a guest. There is a guest fee of $10 and your guest is to be under your direct and immediate supervision while shooting. There is a limit to how many times a guest may be a guest (4 visits) before they would be asked to join if they would like to keep shooting at the range.


What Disciplines are offered at TIRPC?


We offer:

Rimfire PRS

Police Pistol Combat (PPC)

Bullseye / Precision Pistol

A junior .22lr program (Coming Soon)

We are not approved for IPSC or Multi-Gun events.


Can I shoot on my own once I am a member?


After successful completion of the Club Orientation and Safety Course you become a probationary member. The probationary period is a minimum of 45 days. During this time you may only shoot one on one with our instructors to complete your "sign offs". It's a way to learn how the club works, our policies and procedures, meet some members, try some guns and learn to shoot safely at our ranges.

Once you have completed your sign offs successfully and have waited the minimum 45 day probationary period you can submit to the board to become a full member.

Once you are approved as a full member you may shoot during the normal operating hours of club, but you must have someone else with you on site. It could be another member shooting, or a guest or a family member or friend who is just watching from our climate controlled clubhouse. The only determination to say who can be "second" person is that they are capable of calling 911, and either you must have taken our RSO course or have an RSO present.

After one full year of being a member in good standing, with RSO certification, and with no safety infractions, a member may apply to shoot solo.


Can I shoot at TIRPC without becoming a member?


No. At this time TIRPC is a members-only club. We do not allow walk-ins .

We do occasionally host charity shoots that are a great way to come out and try the shooting sports and the range without becoming a member. Our charity shoots don't even require the shooter to have a PAL or Firearms License as all shooting is done one on one with an instructor.

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