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About Us

Where it all started...

2015 Pan AM Games' Competitors shooting rifle in the prone position.

We are a gun club not just a shooting range. We foster a community environment and do not see members as "customers", they are instead an integral part of our organization. We rely heavily on our members volunteering and helping to build the club to be the best it can be!

Our purpose as an organization:

To promote the shooting sports with an emphasis on rifle and pistol while also;

  • Promote better knowledge of safe handling and of proper care and use of all firearms;
  • Encourage recreational and competitive marksmanship;
  • Coaching of individuals from novice to elite;
  • Development and support of coaches of individuals from novice to elite;
  • Development and support of officiating;
  • Promote positive community awareness and support of the shooting sports;

And such other complimentary purposes not inconsistent with these objects.

We are very much a safety-oriented club. We make sure that our members have plenty of options to enjoy their firearms and the various shooting disciplines, but we do place an emphasis on safety. At the end of the day we all want to be able to enjoy the shooting sports, and go home to our families.

Where we are headed...

Toronto International Rifle & Pistol Club (TIRPC) was created to help fill a need in the shooting sports community in Barrie, Greater Toronto Area and the surrounding areas.

We are a family-friendly facility looking to provide a safe, fun and welcoming environment for those already in, or wanting to join the shooting sports. We have members who have over 40 years shooting experience and members who are just venturing in to the shooting sports. We do not discriminate based on shooting experience and are happy to guide new shooters.

Our club is about being a part of a community. It's not just a range to shoot at, its also a place to meet like-minded individuals, network, participate in club events, courses, and activities, and further your interests and abilities.

We offer 10 lanes for centrefire pistol (no magnum cartridges) at varying distances from 5 to 50 Metres, 10 lanes for centrefire rifle (.223rem) and another 20 lanes of rimfire and air rifle & pistol both at 25 and 50 Metres. The facility has a newly renovated clubhouse and lounge offering a comfortable spot to catch up with friends, and view the shooting lanes.

The club relies heavily on volunteers for everything from safety courses to sign offs along with general maintenance, and is always looking to add to our amazing group of volunteers.

We also have plans to offer various workshops including:

- Cleaning and proper firearm maintenance

- Basic handgun and rifle courses

- Precision rifle courses

- Holster courses

- Advanced shooting techniques

We presently offer:

- A precision rimfire league

- A bullseye pistol league

- Inter-Club competition opportunities

- Police Pistol Combat (or PPC) program

We are presently developing:

- A Junior program for those under 18

- Ladies nights'

- Archery Range

- .22LR Steel Gallery Range

- Charity shoots and much more!!

We opened our doors July 13th, 2019 and are only just beginning this venture! We look forward to growing alongside our membership and developing into a world-class shooting club.

Check out this news broadcast from CTV news Barrie with a report on the building as it was under construction. 

The Pan Am Range Under Construction 2014

The Finished Product - Outside & Inside (Lower Level) 

Some of the Shotgun Fields

The Property & Grounds 

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